Expression Images Portfolio...for you less hardcore fitness types

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Copyright Max Wettstein 2006-09, (and all of the photographers who took these photos!) - do not republish without permission, or if you must, PLEASE give photographer credit!!

Photo Blake Simkins Art by Mark Benyo

'Surfing Moon Dust'

Photo & Art by Jason Ellis

'Gritty Military Aviatior'

Photo Corey Sorensen

Physique Stills for BeachBody

Photo by Nate Jensen Creative

Photo by Blake Little

2011 Eye-Candy Calendar

Photo by Bryan Lamb of Capture Character

'Timing is Everything' spec shoot

Photo by George Kontaxis

Reality Magazine Spread with Diego & Greg

Photo by Howard Flaks

West Hollywood Rooftop

I AM Holistic Athlete campaign

Photo by Rick Starkman

Hoist Fitness FB Ad

Behind the Scenes, Hoist Fitness DVD

Photo by Ralph DeHaan

with Lauren Abraham for various fitness mags

Photo by Blake Little

Stock Photography surfing shots

Photo Wettstein-Media

Muscle Beach workout at Venice Beach

photo by Rick Starkman

Hoist Fitness V-Series

Photo by Noel Daganta

His studio

Photo by Mike S. of North American Bodies

Model America contest Hollywood

Photo by George Kontaxis

Reality Magazine

I AM Holistic Athlete campaign

Wettstein Media

LA Fashion District rooftop shoot with James Ellis

Wettstein Media

Undar Armour Spec Shoot

Photo by Gregory Gore

Triumph Speed Triple thru my living room

Photo by George Kontaxis

Reality Magazine

Wettstein Media

'Max's Back in the Raw'

Art by Danny Miki

Max used for Captain America's face

Photos Top by Bryan Lamb; Bottom by Noel Daganta

LA Fashion District rooftop

Wettstein Media

The Ropes: Muscle Beach @ Venice Beach

Wettstein Media

Under Armour Spec Shoot - QB

Wettstein Media

Push-ups: Muscle Beach at Venice Beach

'Captain America' Marvel Comics - Max as model

Wettstein Media

Slacklining in my Backyard

I AM Holistic Athlete Campaign


Above: Fitness models Max Wettstein & Suzy Colleen aesthetically present their chiseled physiques.

 Modeling is ART: That's right.  First and foremost modeling is an ART FORM, especially when presenting the physique.  In fact for me, that is why I do this most of all:   A passion and appreciation for the physique and trying to present it as artistically and visually pleasing as I can.  It sounds cliché, but the body is amazing in what can be done with it and how stunning it can look, whether it be the physique of a 100-meter sprinter, a gymnast, or a dancer.  The ultimate dream for me would to be an Olympic athlete, but I chose a different path and am fortunate enough at this phase in my life that I have an opportunity to use my body physically and to explore my physique's potential thru a modeling venue.  This is also MY creative outlet for now, from training, to dieting, to posing, to editing, and working with a photographer to finally capture a great image is very rewarding.  While there are ideal anatomical proportions and bio-mechanical dimensions for athletes of specific sports, I believe there is no, single perfect physique aesthetically human equivalent of Michelangelo's 'David' if you will, (the sculptor's endeavor to emulate ancient Greek aesthetic ideals, mimicking divine creation).  After all, art is subjective and to quote another often used cliché, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There is nothing wrong with striving for perfection even though it is unattainable by mankind.   We've come close in engineering and architectural feats, but alas, every human being is born with some kind of flaw.  So while some may label myself and other models as vain, narcissitic, or perfectionists, in reality I am just pursuing my art form and athletic path with an added benefit of improving my health.  I know I am not perfect and never will be, but sometimes an image or a picture with seemingly majestic lighting, IS perfect.  Getting my body dialed through a holistically healthy yet scientific & physiological challenging process, and then getting THE shot, can even be a path to greater awareness & even higher-consciousness. - Max 

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